SCR Treasure Hunt

Congratulations to the first winners of the SCR Treasure Hunt. Last week branch manager, Joe Cooper, put together a treasure hunt around Leicester filled with cryptic clues, puzzles and exciting challenges. Divided into teams and heading out at intervals the office embarked on an adventure that took them all around the city centre, using their minds and working as a team to find the clues.

The cryptic clues lead to a number, which when added together then added to the time the team took would give you the correct answer. This race against time was won by the team of Jareth Lang, Heather Sinclair-Tate, Shannon Smith and Ella Marshall, who used their collective smarts and teamwork to ensure they got the closest answer and got to dip into the treasure chest!

The winners of the SCR Treasure Hunt

A selection of fun and practical prizes were on offer and a great afternoon was had by all.

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